Satyameva Jayte – Daughters Are Precious – Female Foeticide – Episode 1

Satyameva Jayte

In this episode Aamir talks about the killing of unborn girls, or female foeticide, an alarming and frightening reality. It involves the collusion of families, doctors and a social structure that encourages the desire for a boy child – at any cost. The result has been the death of over 3 crore unborn girls since independence and a generation of young men, many amongst whom will find it very tough to get a life partner.

Watch the full episode here :

Satyameva Jayte : Episode 1 – Female Foeticide

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    • Kavita Kumar
    • May 9th, 2012

    Great show. I am Fiji born Indian and I live in New Zealand and I was take back that a country like India has so many narrow, unhuman people and have these people forgotten that a woman has given birth to them.I hope you that the show produces get enough support to take the request of the people to stop abortion and those doctors, midwife and people involved get punnished for thier action. At the end of the day God will prevail justice.
    Many thanks to the show orgnisers, great and an eye opener.

    • Thanks for support Satyameva Jayte as an NRI

    • shirisha
    • May 9th, 2012

    hi amir,
    GREAT SHOW GREAT JOB,may b this would b the first words who will starts to write a comment r a reply for ur show.
    Till the show completes nothing els comes into minds,i cant stop myself to congratulate u for such a great thought but on the same time it hurts alot to know such things. and really feels helpless to knw tht such kinda people still the judge who said to tht police officer tht “wht is wrong to expect a baby boy and where in the law it is written ” n i dont understand how he became judge without learning basic things of law.not law actually being an educated,resposible citizen and mainly being human being how can he talk like tht in a court.
    I would pray to god and would request the current generations not to adapt this culture whr at the end the sufferers would be our next generations.

    • You are absolutely right shirisha
      Great Job by Aamir Khan

    • Sudhansu Karmakar
    • May 11th, 2012

    It is noble job. We all must join to save the humanity.I am with you AMIR.

    • Obviously Sudhansu.
      not only you but datadiary also with Him.
      And in very short period he will become the Unity of all Indians among “Gandi Rajneeti”.

    • sangeetha vani.neela
    • May 20th, 2012

    hi amir, great show. Your ad Atidhi devo bhav i like a lot. I was keen to c da show bt i cudnt c. 2day i saw ur episode on marriage an ultimate topic and a great episode. I saw myself in place of the girl frm madurai, phd lecturer. I also completed my mtech, and im victim for this dowry. Thank u for helping me rebuild my confidence. I wil pray and wish whole heartedly that this show goes on n on and elighten many hearts and save girl childs . Congratulations. An outstanding show. Jai hind sir. I salute u.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      I am feeling very happy and lucky too to host such type of conceptual show.

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