International Youth Day


International Youth Day is observed on August 12.

International Youth Day was established on December 17th, 1999, by UN. Initiative came from World Conference of ministers Responsible for Youth and World Programme of Action for Youth.

The holiday is encouraging young people to actions for: their peers, local community, sharing views and presenting to authorities ideas of solving young people’s problems in many countries.

National Youth Dayis celebrated annually with different slogan, that describes the main activities and actions that the holiday is focusing in this edition. On August 12 there are many conferences, discussion panels, meetings with authority representatives, artistic and charity events are taking place.

In Russia, according to president’s decree, year 2009 was a “Year of the Youth”. During celebrations there were many events taking place, among which there was also “ International Orthodox Youth’s Day”.

National Youth day gives the opportunity to send beautiful joyful ecards and printable cards to your closest one. Choose from thousands International International Youth Day greetings, invitations, wishes, poems, quotes, invitations.

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