World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day DataDiary

Imagine a day where 1 billion people choose to do something for someone else. To make their mark on someone else’s world. To say I WAS HERE.

On August 19 that is what World Humanitarian Day is hoping to achieve. They want people all over the world to choose to make a mark so that the world can see that we do care; that we do want to make a difference; that we do want to change the world and bring a message of HOPE.

“It is this sense of solidarity with people who are suffering which motivates humanitarians at all levels – local communities, civil society bodies, and national and international non-governmental organisations – to do the work they do, often in extremely challenging circumstances”

So what are we waiting for? WE are the CHURCH – we are “anointed to proclaim the good news to the poor, to bind up the broken hearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favour” Let’s do it… let’s make our mark – lets be a part of something that is global, something that everyone will be watching – lets be the church and LET OUR LIGHT SHINE on World Humanitarian Day, August 19th.

Feed someone on the street, write a letter to your compassion child, donate to your favourite charity, visit an elderly isolated person or someone in hospital, make a meal for a new mum, join an advocacy campaign, pay for someone’s groceries/petrol/tolls. Bring a kilo of kindness into your local church for a family struggling in your community, donate some clothes/furniture/appliances to a new refugee family, DO SOMETHING…ANYTHING that tells the world that you CARE.

You Can also see World Humanitarian Day Video……

  1. Not what I was looking for but superb anyway! Well done!

    • Thnk u….

  2. Thank you for bringing awareness to this day and the people it honors!

    • Thnk u….Frances

  3. great site thank you

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