Happy Dussehra 2012

Happy Dussehra-2012

Dussehra or Vijyadashmi is celebrate all over the India. This is being celebrated since Lord Rama killed Ravan and made world free from his cruelness. On this day Vibhishan was made the king of Lanka and Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with Lakshman and Sita. People used to share cards and gifts etc. on Dussehra. From then every year in the memory of that even Dussehra is celebrated. Dussehra indicates the victory of Good over Bad. This year Dussehra is going to be celebrated on Wednesday24 October 2012.You can also wish your friends Happy Dussehra by sending them images.

  1. What a wonderful post! Vancouver, Canada is home to many people who hold these traditions. It is exciting to take part in these celebrations. A victory of good over bad is a universal hope!!!

  2. yes this is right India is home of 4 religions

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