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31st December New Year Evening Party 2012 in Ahmedabad


Celebration for New Year begins from New Year’s evening 31st December; this is the Last day of Gregorian calendar. 31st December is Day before a New Year; it is also call New Year’s Eve.

People celebrate New Year Evening with parties, family gatherings, Traditional foods, fireworks all dress colorfully and indulge in fun filled activities such as singing, playing games, dancing, and attending parties. Night clubs, movie theatres, resorts, restaurants and amusement parks are filled with people of all ages.

New Year’s evening is Public Holiday in most countries. New Year celebrations are incomplete without DJ & Dance Party. All Enjoys Dance Party with Family & Friends till Mid Night with large Gatherings.

People Celebrate on New Year’s Evening by wearing New Dresses and go to New Year Evening parties till Mid night  All eagerly waits for New Year to start At 12 a.m. 31st December Night and  then the celebration For the New year Starts and all Well Comes New Year with Joy, New beginning  Happiness & New Hope.

All greet and wish each other Happy New Year. Exchanging messages, greeting cards and gifts. The media covers many New Year events which are showcased on prime channels for most of the day. The age-old tradition of planning new promises for the coming year is a common sight. A few of the most popular resolutions include losing weight, developing good Habits, and working hard.

The idea is to wave goodbye to the year gone-by and welcome the New Year in the hope that it will invite lot of happiness and joy in everyone’s life.

So what’s your plan for 31st December New Year Eve Party 2012???


Gujarat elections 2012: Approximately 60 percent of the 87 seats in the first round of voting


An average 53 per cent voting was recorded till 3 pm in polling across 87 seats in the first phase of Gujarat polls which will decide the fate of state political big-wigs like Keshubhai Patel, BJP’s R C Faldu and Congress’ Arjun Modhwadia.

“An average 38 per cent polling has been recorded till 1 pm,” Additional Chief Electoral officer Ashok Manek said.

Till 11 am, voter turn out on the 87 constituencies was a moderate 18 per cent, but in the following two hours, it increased to 38 per cent.

Even after noon, long queues were seen outside many polling booths as people were still coming to exercise their franchise.

In places like Kutiyana where Kandhal Jadeja, son of ‘God Mother’ Santokhben, is contesting on Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) ticket, 36 per cent voter turnout was recorded till 11 am and officials were expecting a higher percentage of voting.

There were reports from some polling booths in Viramgam constituency, Sanand and Surat of malfunctioning of EVMs. Many people also complained that their names were missing from the electoral rolls.

The constituencies where polling started include 48 in seven districts of Saurashtra, 35 seats in seven districts of south Gujarat and four seats in Ahmedabad district.

Leaders like former Chief Minister and GPP president Keshubhai Patel, BJP state unit president R C Faldu, state finance minister Vajubhai Vala and state Congress president Modhvadia cast their vote in the early morning hours.

Gujarat Poll:Narendra Modi’s 3D campaign

modi 3D telecast

AHMEDABAD:Tech-savvy Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi on Sunday scored a first when he launched his election campaign for Assembly by addressing rallies in four cities simultaneously.

In his speech, telecast on specially erected screens in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot and Surat with the help of 3D holographic technology and satellite link-ups, Modi, who spoke from a studio in Gandhinagar, took on Congress for comparing him to “monkey” and “rats“.

He said he took pride in being called so, because both these creatures were “messengers of God“.

“Had Congress leaders studied Ramayana, they would have got a fair idea of ‘vanar shakti’ I accept the title given by them to me,” Modi said, while lashing out at Congress for using “foul language“.

During the recent election rallies, state Congress chief Arjun Modhwadia and Congress Rajya Sabha MP Hussain Dalwai had compared Modi to “monkey” and “rats”, respectively.

“Devotion and services of lord Hanuman are known globally….I have got the chance to serve Gujarat, so the six crore Gujaratis are like Ram to me, I am their Hanuman,” Modi said.

Further, he said, the Congress leader was unaware of significance of rats in the Hindu mythology. “Rat is considered to be vehicle of ‘vighn-harta’ Ganesh….I feel proud that with Lord Ganesh on my back, Gujarat faces no problems.”

Modi claimed that for the first time in the world an election campaign was being launched using 3D technology and telecast in four places.

“You are witnessing a unique and first-ever incident..,” he said.

His image, projected on screens in four places, was clear, but there were some technical glitches. Audio output was not available for a few minutes.

Narendra Modi Online Video Campaigns in 26 districts of Gujarat at a time through 3D Projection Techno

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India Tour Packages: A Life Experience

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Navratri Celebrations 2012

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Celebrate This Navratri with DataDiary

The celebration of Navratri garba is in the honor of the Goddess of power or Shakti. Since this festival is celebrated for a period of 9 days and that too in the night, therefore the festival is called Navratri. The word navratri in Sanskrit means 9 nights. ‘Nava’ means nine and ‘Ratri’ means night. 9 different forms of goddess are worshipped on each day. The celebrations in the night begin with the customary and traditional Aarti. The highlight of the festivities is the garba dance, which is performed by the people from all lifestyles. This usually goes on till about midnight. The dancers gather in the grounds hours before the event in order to get the best view from their place of sitting. The dancers are attired in the traditional dress,navratri costume and play navratri dandiya-raas with ‘dandiya’ or wooden sticks.

Navratri in Ahmedabad Gujarat

During the festival of Dandiya Raas Garba, the entire city of Ahmedabad looks like a beautiful sight. This is because the state government takes a lot of care and interest in the festival. The entire city is lightened up with small colorful lights. The last two days of the festival namely the eighth and ninth day are of prime importance. It is on those days that Devi Mahatmya is read to invoke her and seek her blessings. People, irrespective of the age take part in this holy recital.

Gujarat and especially Ahmedabad is a place to be during navratri as the Celebrations are mind blowing and extremely traditional.

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Have A Special And Memorable Nine Nights

Before You Buy a Room Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is a very tough piece of equipment. It is engineered to withstand all sorts of abuse and keep on running. This is great in most respects, but it can lead to complacency about maintenance. Like a car, air conditioners need regular tune-ups to run properly.

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Types of Room Air Conditioners

  • Window-mounted unit – most popular and economical
  • Wall-mounted unit – requires some renovation work
  • Window/wall units allow either installation.
  • Portable air conditioners – mobile units that exhaust hot air through a connection out a window.
  • Split ductless or mini air systems are more expensive than window/wall units, but are less intrusive than a full central unit.
  • Comparing Central Air to Room Air Conditioners
  • Compare Prices of Air Conditioners
  • Compare Prices of Central Air

Best Air Conditioner Features

  • Electronic controls make the unit easy to set
  • Remote control adds convenience especially at night
  • Sleep or Energy Saver modes keep the room comfortable while saving energy costs
  • Auto-restart is a must for brown out periods. Power outages are hard on compressors, but with this feature the unit will restart after a power failure without harming the unit.
  • EnergyStar compliant and a high EER will save in energy costs.
  • Programmable or delay start settings are ideal for having the room cooled just before you return home.
  • Filter type, source and whether reusable
  • Easy install kit
  • Adjustable multi-way directional control
  • What’s a CADR Rating?

Buy Only an Air Conditioner With Approved Refrigerant

Ozone-depleting R-22 and other HCFCs refrigerants are being phased out and replaced with a more earth-friendly R410A. To protect your investment and ensure that servicing your unit in future will not be a problem, buy only air conditioners have approved R410A refrigerant.

Deciding on Capacity to Cool a Certain Coverage Area

Manufacturers usually provide recommended coverage for a given model and buying a unit that’s adequate to cool that area is very important. Under-sizing may be inadequate and oversizing for the room, you’ll be paying for a benefit you may not need or use. Measure the area before you shop. These are the recommended BTU’s for a given cooling area from Consumer Reports:

  • Small room: 5,000 – 6,000 BTU for 100-300 sq. ft.
  • Medium room: 7,000 – 8,200 BTU for 250-550 sq. ft.
  • Large room: 9,800 to 12,500 BTU’s for 350-950 sq. ft. area.

When you find the air conditioner you want, also confirm the coverage area for that cooling unit.

Energy Efficiency to Save in Electricity Costs

An EnergyStar® qualified air conditioner will save you about 30% less in energy costs over non-qualifying units. You should also consider the EER rating. Air conditioners that have been certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) carry an energy efficiency rating (EER). The higher the number, the less in operating costs. Therefore an air conditioner with an EER rating of 11 will cost less to operate than one with a rating of 6. Combine a high EER rating with EnergyStar and your new air conditioner will be most efficient. You may also want to take note of a CEE tier rating.